Data Center Government The   government   and   control   of   a   complex   system   must   be   ensure over   time   standard   quality   of   services   for   very   long   time   and   with measurable   costs.   A   datacenter   has   as   its   objective   the   provision of     services     aimed     at     a     general     public     which     must     meet requirements      such      as      security      and      reliability.      Industrials processes     in     the     data     centers     are     now     possible     with     LBL Application Availability Infrastructure.
USA Headquarter - TCO Software Group Inc 1852 West 11th St. Tracy, Ca 95376 Phone: +1 877 877 5917 ITALY Headquarter - TCOGROUP SRL Via Savonarola, 217 35137 Padova (PD) - Fax:+39 049 87 22 703 - Tel: +39 049 82 35 889 - P.I. 04442360287 LBLŽ and TCOProjectŽ are registerd trademarks, all rights reserved LBL(r)A.A.I. Virtual Appliance is a software deployed on Ubuntu. All Ubuntu's rights are reserved by Canonical Ltd. For more information refer USA Headquarter TCO Software Group Inc. 1852 West 11th St. Tracy, Ca 95376 En ID: 46-1304557 Phone: +1 877 877 5917 e-mail:
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LBLŽA.A.I. Our mission is to protect customer investments and IT services through software based solutions for mission critical and business critical environments - because the customer's problem is our problem. We deliver ease of use, flexibility, and power to solve complex business problems with simple solutions. Main Focus: HA, Business Continuity, and Disaster-Recovery Target Markets: Finance, TELCO, e-Commerce, Healthcare, Transportation, Energy Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Education, Public Administrations, Service Providers LBLŽA.A.I. Unified Secure Reverse Proxy The increasing complexity of today's enterprise datacenter requires a simplification by reducing the number of architectural layers. LBLŽLoadBalancer was born as a unified system of reverse proxy and load balancing and incorporates security features that a modern data center needs